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tv   Nightline  ABC  December 30, 2016 12:37am-1:07am EST

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this is "nightline." tonight, mega lawsuit. burt ramsey, brother of murdered beauty queen jonbenet, suing cbs for a whopping $750 moun, in response to a docuseries that he says portrays him as his sister's killer. we're breaking down the evidence. so what's his case? plus, smoking hot. they're the biggest popstars of the moment. chart-topping songs and addictive tracks, but who are they? we're getting closer with the chain smokers. ♪ ♪ but first the "nightline" five.
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they how charge me.xes going? have you tried credit karma? does credit karma do taxes now? yeah, and they're totally free, so they'll never take any of your refund. file your taxes for free with credit karma tax. good evening. thank you for joining us. since the murder of child beauty queen jonbenet ramsey more than 20 years ago, investigators and journalists have been scouring for clues to the unsolved mystery. but that search may prove to be a costly one for cbs who's recent docuseries reexamine the case evidence is now the subject of a
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>> what we need to do is a complete re-investigation, starting from scratch. >> we have a kidnapping! >> reporter: it was billed as a re-examination of one of the most infamous murder cases in history. more than ten million watched. >> did he perhaps say some things that perhaps were not exactly true? >> reporter: but yesterday a $750 million lawsuit was filed against the creators of a new cbs docuseries called the case of jonbenet ramsey approximawhit of to re-investigate the 6-year-old beauty queen's murder in 1996. >> so we're here on a fact-finding mission. >> do you believe that pieces of evidence point us outside the house to a kidnapper or somebody who is trying to make people believe they're a kidnapper, or inside the house toward the family? >> reporter: the suit said the docuseries created a new review of the evidence pointing to a 9-year-old burk
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sister's killer. >> it's really important we get the timeline. >> it was compelling viewing. it was interesting to watch experts as they went along and made their discoveries. was it good journalism? no. because journalism gives both sides. it gives all sides to a story. >> reporter: now three months later, burk ramsey is suing, saying the docuseries falsely implicated him in a crime he was never charged with. another twist in a mystery that has captured the american public for decades. so far, all have declined to comment. >> cbs has taken a young man and they have falsely branded burk as a child-killer since age nine. and he will live with the impact of that accusation by cbs for the rest of his natural
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he was 9 years old and it would have been impossible for him to have murdered his little sister. that it's been investigated over and over again and he has always been exonerated. >> burke ramsey is now 29 and maintains he did not murder his sister. he broke his 20 years of silence recently in an interview with dr. phil. >> did you hit your sister over the head with a baseball bat or a flashlight? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: burke, who was reportedly paid for the interview said that day nearly 20 years ago, he stayed in bed for hours, as dozens of investigators and loved ones swarmed the house. >> i was scared, i think. i mean, i didn't know if there was some bad guy downstairs and my dad was chasing off with a gun. >> reporter: the suit takes issue with the programsa presentation of a version of that morning's events, enacting a scenario in which jonbenet takes a piece of pineapple from
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her head bashed in with a flashlight. >> in my view, no doubt that this flashlight or one exactly like it caused that injury. >> we're going to ask you to strike the skull. are you ready? >> the series also recreates the force a young boy could potentially inflict on a skull dressed in a blonde wig. we'll just peel this back. >> oh, wow. >> and you can see how it's broken. it's very similar to the type of break that we saw on jonbenet. >> reporter: the lawsuit alleges the experts and the program itself new that burke ramsey had been excluded as a suspect by the authority, but never made that clear to the viewer, and that their disclaimer shown at the very end of a four-hour program, was too little too late >> most people don't listen to disclaimers, just like most people don't read the fine print. and if that's the take-away that
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it's not true, cbs is in some legal hot water here. burke ramsey is going to try to prove that cbs ignored typical journalistic standards. >> the mystery of jonbenet ramsey sknan the morning after christmas 20 years ago with a horrifying ransom note in the ramsey home, demanding $118,000 in exchange for the safe return ever their little girl. >> what's going on there, ma'am? >> we have a kidnapping? >> explain to me what's going on, okay? >> we have a -- there's a note left and our daughter's gone. >> reporter: but soon the father found jonbenet's body in the basement. did an intruder break in and kill her, or was someone from the ramsey family involved? >> you could say it was patsy, you could say it was john. you could say it was burke, but we don't know and there's no evidence to prove it. >> reporter: for decades, the spotlight
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parents, john and patsy ramsey. they were never charged with the crime, but were secukewered in court of public opinion. >> did you kill your daughter? >> no, i did not. >> did you kill your daughter? >> no, i did not kill my daughter. >> reporter: unidentified male's india dna was found on the underpants. the ramses were exonerated. but the investigators claim this evidence was misinterpreted. >> what would account for the blood in her underwear? >> underwear, could be from any other transfer. it's really no sexual assault here. >> no, this finding is not indicative of a sexual assault. >> they're looking for the wrong type of person if this was not a sexually motivated crime, which we believe that it was not. >> the suit t
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what it describes as the investigators' allegation that the ramseys could have helped cover up their daughter's murder to protect burke. >> parents can be involved in another way other than murder. it's not not one or the other, it's a bunch of shades in between. >> the lawsuit contends that dna evidence is strong evidence of burke's innocence and that the ramseys did nothing wrong. back in 1999, the da officially cleared burke as a suspect. >> when my colleague spoke to him in 2012, he said he tried to shield 9-year-old burke from media attention. >> there was one day when he and patsy managed to escape the paparazzi and they made it on a grocery store and there was a headline that -- >> brother did it. >> and he burst into tears. what was his reaction? >> well, burke's a very quiet, private person. we tried very hard to keep burke's life normal, and that was a huge interruption to that. >> the ramsey
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came two years too late. she died from ovarian cancer. today john is remarried and lives a life far from colorado. burke is now a software engineer, once again, back in the headlines, this time on his own terms prc. >> i hope jonbenet ramsey gets justice. but there are some cases you just never figure out. this is probably one of them. i can't see whoever was responsible for killing this little girl, voluntarily coming forward. >> and if whoever is responsible never confesses, the colorado bureau of investigation hopes it's recently announced plans to test dna on additional pieces of evidence, might provide new clues and a solution to the 20-year-old mystery. ♪ don't let me down >> don't go away and don't let me down. up next, we go behind the scenes with the chain smokers, the electronic dance duo that has music fans losing their minds now. ♪ ♪
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mer weddings! oh no. yeah, maybe it is time. maybe i should check my credit score. try credit karma. it's free. oh woah. that's different. check out credit karma today. credit karma. give yourself some credit. ♪ ♪ >> the chain smokers are arguably the biggest stars in music right now. but many people still have no idea who they are. casual fans might even assume the group is composed of women, since most of the male duo's hits feature female vocalists. nick watt is here to clear up the confusion with another look at these rising stars. ♪ so baby pull me closer ♪ in the back seat of your rover ♪ >> reporter: this song was number one for three months. ♪ don't let me
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♪ don't let me down down down >> reporter: along with this summer anthem, both grammy-nominated. as was the duo that made them, hailed as the biggest popstars in america, traveling the world, living the life. ♪ ♪ and there was nobody by my side ♪ >> reporter: the chain smokers. you may know them from their 2014 break-out hit. >> but first, let me take a selfie. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: then from a splashy billboard magazine article, you get the impression they're dreadful bros, bragging about drinking, talking about the side of their manhoods. if these guys are the future of music, are we in trouble? meet the chain smokers. >> reporter: you guys came across like real -- >> yeah. >> i won't even use the word. >> yeah, yeah. >> did they get you wrong, or are you? >> parts of that we don't like. parts we do. we should have done
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focusing on how hard we work on our music. >> we do 250 shows a year. tomorrow we're back in vegas. miami, austin, vegas again on friday and then paris. >> reporter: cursing just a little in interviews, but they're not braggadocious bros. >> don't let me down was on the radio. >> we're pretty unassuming dudes, and the guy was like, god, i'm so sick of this song. and like changed it. [ laughter ] and i was like, i don't even want to tell him. >> reporter: neither drives a car, both have uber ratings over 4.6. i like them. let's move on. their music is electronic dance music. >> we spent spend a lot of time just making unique sounds. >> reporter: okay, what's with the name? >> at the time of conception, i was in college,
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weed. yeah, the domain's open, don't have to have any underscores. >> yeah, it's just the name. >> the domain name was open? >> yeah. >> reporter: they collaborate a lot. drew also sings, but do they actually play instruments? it's an old-man question. >> we play all the instruments on our record, just like any band would. >> reporter: and then they if the -- they futz with it on their laptop. >> i'll cut out the low end, which is what a bass is for, and add a sub under it. so i get a low, synthetic feeling and i get -- it's indistinguishable. it just sounds like i'm playing a super rlow bass. >> reporter: problem with having everything on a laptop that can crash, they would lose a trove of songs. >> don't let me down was a song that we lost and i had to remake
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the entire song from scratch. having to go back through that creative process was crazy. >> reporter: girlfriends? >> they've been with us before -- >> before the fame? >> yeah. before all that craziness happened. we hang out with the same friends. >> reporter: i'm impressed that you're with the same girlfriends. >> they're really cool, if you met them. >> it's really hard to meet people that are compatible and are willing to be supportive of our lifestyle. ♪ ♪ i need you, i need you, i need you right now ♪ >> everyone's fortunate enough to be doing what they love, but we're really lucky. i was like a receptionist before this at an art gallery, you know what i mean? >> music was clearly where my heart was. >> they're big social media guys. posting videos left and right. super sharers. >> i don't think there's a lot of about our lives that we don't let people see. >> and we've always just been kinda two dorky dudes thaar
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>> do you get stopped on the street? >> sure. >> reporter: people think you're roger federer? >> sure. i wonder why they kept handing me tennis rackets. >> reporter: sadly, there is a down side. >> you check twitter in the morning and the first comment was, i hate you guys, i wish you die. i can't believe this is what i wake up to now. >> someone said to me, nick watt looks like peewee herman's pedophile uncle. >> you gotta appreciate that. >> reporter: back to that song "selfie" -- 476 million youtube hits and still counting. what really put you on the map was perhaps my least favorite song of yours. >> we were like, this is funny. >> it was a joke we were going to make for our friends in new york city and then the world was like, this is who you are. and we're like, well, kind of. that's our sense of humor, but we'll try to show you some other sides of what we do now. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: i don't even
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conscious decision. i'm just going to make what i want to make. i just want to make music that i like. and that was "roses." ♪ ♪ >> reporter: "roses" and the rest, made them the biggest popstars in america, by being themselves, making music they like, long live the chain4u smokers. i'm nick watt for "nightline" in west hollywood, california. ♪ ♪ and up next, the coat that transforms into something so much more. how one woman's class project is changing lives in detroit. abc news nig"nightline," brought to you by purina. nutritional needs... all in one. purina one. healthy energy, all in one. strong muscles, all in one. highly digestible,
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finally tonight, as we move into the coldest time of the year, we meet a woman who is making the city of detroit a little warmer. >> i'm known as the crazy coat lady. >> reporter: challenged by a professor to fill a real need in the city, art student veronica scott designed a coat for the
1:04 am
sleeping bag. >> you can open it up here, and this is what we call the foot bag which is the sleeping part of the jacket. >> reporter: detroit is home to nearly 35,000 homeless people. and it was the conversations with those living on the streets that led scott to a bigger idea. hire homeless, mostly single mothers. >> they're not just teaching me how to sew. they're helping me to be stable and self-sufficient. >> reporter: ethel rucker is one of 36 women making the coats that are also transforming their lives. >> now i'm back on my feet. i've been stable for two years now. >> this looks so nice. >> reporter: at 27 years old, veronica scott is now the ceo of the empowerment plan. >> i realized i sucked at sewing and i should not be the one sewing these, and it would make much more impact instead of giving them to the homeless, but hiring the homeless instead. >> repor
1:05 am
and a donate button, they've sdrinted 20,000 coats worldwide, all request the hope of changing generational poverty one family at a time. >> are you aware of the impact that you are making? >> if it was just me all alone, this would not be here. it's an amazing group of people behind me that i owe everything to. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm linsey davis in detroit for nig . thank you for watching abc news. thanks for the company, america, goodnight.
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>> welcome to "millionaire." it's a brand-new season for us, and a brand-new home; bally's las vegas. this city is all about winning big, and i can't wait to see if someone hits the jackpot on our show today. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys ready to play
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[cheers and applause] me too. winning a million dollars would not only change our returning contestant's life, but more importantly, her daughters'. from naples, florida, please welcome back lynne belliveau. [cheers and applause] >> hi. how are you? nice to see you again. >> welcome back. >> thanks. ♪ >> welcome back. you're in the middle of a great game. and, uh... again, kind of fill us in why you want to earn some money? because it is important to your daughters back home. >> absolutely. i have a 10 and a 15-year-old and the 10-year-old has a progressive peripheral neuropathy. >> okay. >> that means a nerve disease that affects some nerves that are far away from the middle of her body. >> gotcha. >> and as she changes, she has new--she has mobility needs. so we just fitted her out for a custom wheelchair, but there's gonna be more things coming down the line we know. so i'd like some money to pay for some of those changes to our house and also our 15-year-old wants to be


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